Intellectual Property and Technology Law
News and Events

We attended DEVCON 3, the Ethereum Foundation Developers Conference, on November 1-4, 2017.

Kevin Miller presented a paper on robot and IoT privacy architectures using Blockchain technologies at Data for Policy 2017 in London on September 6-7.

We were at DEF CON 25 in Las Vegas on July 27-30, 2017.

On May 16-17, 2017, Kevin Miller joined other experts in Maryland to update the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Kevin Miller presented his paper on new technical architectures for privacy in the robotic device environment at WeRobot 2017 at Yale Law School in April.

News and Events (2)

The Computer & Internet Lawyer republished Kevin Miller's article What We Talk About When We Talk About "Reasonable Cybersecurity": A Proactive and Adaptive Approach in their March 2017 issue. Previously published in The Florida Bar Journal.

Kevin Miller recently served as a judge for the 2017 Cade Museum Prize, one of the largest cash prize competitions for innovation in the state of Florida.

Kevin Miller was reappointed to the Florida Bar Committee on Technology for 2017-2018.

In January 2017, Kevin Miller shared insights with USPTO experts and other patent attorneys at the STEPP conference in Dallas, TX.

Whether you are an inventor, entrepreneur, start-up, or small-to-mid-size business, today's organization has a lot to think about: Intellectual property protection and licensing, cybersecurity of critical systems, data privacy laws spanning multiple jurisdictions, open source software license compliance, just to name a few things. Our goal is to help you see the opportunities and risks with greater clarity and foresight.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Patent Drafting and Prosecution

We serve clients worldwide in prosecuting U.S. and international patent and trademark applications for a wide range of technologies, including software and computing technologies, blockchain, energy systems, electrical components and materials, virtual and augmented reality systems, and medical devices and simulation systems.

The process of obtaining a patent should be a partnership between the attorney and the inventor. The right patent attorney can help you pinpoint patentable areas within your creation and maximize the commercialization possibilities within a given marketplace.


Aligning trademark strategy with your business strategy is almost always more difficult than it seems. Obtaining U.S. and international mark protection, defending your trademark, reacting to trademark challengers, selecting and acquring domain names, and resolving cybersquatting disputes are all areas where we can help you make more informed business decisions.

IP Licensing

Companies today rely upon new and improved technology to obtain a competitive advantage. Your innovative and creative output can be a valuable, tradeable asset. Or, licensing a key technology may be the answer to your own business needs. Whether you are an inventor or a business seeking to sell or acquire technology rights, we can help you assess the issues and find the best solution.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are beginning to impact mainstream applications and will have a significant impact on numerous business areas. The number of blockchain-related technology patents has been steadily increasing over the last couple years as businesses and entrepreneurs in nearly every industry are looking to harness the power of blockchain. Despite this increase in patent filing activity, it is important to understand what aspects of this technology can be patented so that you make the most your ideas.

The standards for patenting software-implemented inventions are nuanced and complex. For your patent application to have the greatest chance of success, you need an attorney who deeply understands cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, smart contract development motifs, distributed systems, and software patent law. Retaining a patent attorney who does not focus in these areas can lead to missed opportunities. I am a former software engineer and architect who has been working with blockchain technology since its inception, including as an inventor with patent-pending blockchain technology. I can help you work through the details of what is and isn’t patentable and help you develop a comprehensive patent protection strategy for your blockchain-related project.

Blockchain businesses also need to address additional concerns like trademark protection for their brands and token offerings and navigate the complex web of open source licenses in the blockchain ecosystem. We are experienced in these areas and can provide counsel across the full range of issues your blockchain project might encounter.