Intellectual Property and Technology Law

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Patent Drafting and Prosecution

Drafting and prosecuting patents across a broad range of technology areas, in the U.S. and internationally.


Register a word, phrase, symbol or design in the U.S. or worldwide. Navigate the domain name system. Defend your trademark. Handle an opposition, cancellation, or cease-and-desist letter.

Technology Licensing & Transfer

Find the best solution for your business, whether you are a private inventor, buyer, or business licensee or licensor.

Patent Opinions

Patentability opinions, freedom to operate opinions, validity opinions, and infringement opinions.

Trade Secrets

Consider the benefits of trade secret protection versus patent protection, or understand how to maintain trade secret protection.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Defining your legal responsibility is the first step to determining where and how to invest in cyber-defense.

Open Source Software Compliance

Understand the legal framework behind open source and how to manage open source compliance issues and properly prepare for a product launch.

Cloud Service Agreements

Address the challenges of working with cloud service providers to properly manage service levels, security, and compliance with local laws.

Technology Escrow Agreements

Identify key business factors to determine your need for technology escrow in a technology transfer or business relationship.

General Counsel Services

On demand general counsel services for the growing technology company that fit your need, and budget, for strategic legal resources.