Intellectual Property and Technology Law
General Counsel Services

Is your startup at the point where it could use the advice of legal counsel on a regular basis, but not yet big enough that you can afford a full-time general counsel? Whether your need for general counsel arises from a proactive mentality or retroactive need, I can help you develop strategies to protect your business. I can provide your organization with on-demand legal counsel that allows you to defer hiring full-time general counsel services, or to avoid relying on inside counsel for matters directly pertaining to technology issues.

Finding effective ways to assist technology startups with their legal needs is our goal.

As a former technology executive, founder of three companies, and board member of a technology startup, I have the background to help you through the challenges of founding and growing a technology venture. Understanding how, when, and where to spend your money or venture capital can be difficult; taking the right steps now can help you avoid costly mistakes and mitigate your legal and financial risk.

As a trusted advisor of your management team, I can help you develop strategies to protect your intellectual property and identify mission critical milestones. For instance, have you considered:

  • Whether you should patent your intellectual property before beginning your search for venture capital or starting a crowdfunding campaign?
  • Are you in a position to develop, manufacture, and market your product or service, or should you think about out-licensing as a way to reach markets you do not have the resources or knowledge to reach?
  • Do you have a written information security plan?
  • Have you worked out auditing policies and procedures for customer privacy and information security?

On-Demand General Counsel Services from Labyrinth Law

The number of critical decisions, just like these, a new technology startup has to make can be almost overwhelming. Contact us today to talk more about this innovative legal service.